BEST ARTICLE POLL open until 31 August 2020

Best-Article-Award Competition

Special issue:

Market driven forces and public health

Online voting open until 31st August 2020!

Award rules

The International Journal of Public Health published this special issue on the occasion of the 4th Latin American Public Health Meeting taking place 2021 in Cali, Colombia.

Janeth Mosquera (Cali), Yadira Borrero (Medellin; guest editors) and Lyda Osorio (IJPH senior editor, Cali) organized the peer review for the articles and nominated four articles (out of 14 accepted after peer review by 14th July 2020) for the award competition.

We invite participants of the Latin American Public Health Meeting(s), (co)-authors, reviewers and editors of the special issue and the IJPH editors to select the best article based on the Abstract. All eligible voters will receive the Abstracts and to link to the anonymous poll via e-mail on 22 July 2020.

We look forward to the voting and the lucky winner!

On behalf of the Editors of the Call and the IJPH Editors-in Chief

Anke Berger

Managing Editor IJPH